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biodiversity project

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Working in cooperation with AgriSound, National Trust for Scotland's Inverewe are embarking on a new biodiversity project, kicking off on 20th May, just in time for World Biodiversity Day 2021.


AgriSound's ground-breaking sensor technology has been strategically placed around the garden to efficiently monitor pollination levels, with the aim of identifying key areas of pollinator deficit.


By counting pollinator visits, POLY will produce vital data, fundamental in helping shape future decision making for the conservation of Inverewe's ecosystems, keeping them buzzing far into future generations.

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Why Inverewe?

It’s almost impossible to walk around Inverewe Garden without being utterly mesmerised by the variety of plant and insect species thriving in this unique garden microclimate. Unsurprisingly, protecting the garden's biodiversity is top priority for the National Trust for Scotland's Inverewe.

So, what better place to learn about the health and abundance of pollinator's than right here at Inverewe's perfect paradise for insects!

Read below to find out how you can join in with Inverewe's pollen count! 

Get Involved!

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Can you find POLY at Inverewe?  She's yellow, round and hiding among the plants, quietly monitoring our pollinators. 

When you see POLY, go and take a closer look! 

Once you've found POLY, make sure to scan the QR code to find out how active that area's pollinator levels are. Remember, each POLY patch will have a  different number of visitors!


You might be surprised by what you find out...

We want to keep you updated! Stay active and stay involved by subscribing to our newsletter for frequent updates.


This is just the beginning for POLY, so stick with us and don't miss out on the huge impact POLY is set to make across the globe! 


We'd love to hear from you!

 If you'd like to know more about AgriSound's game changing insect monitoring technology drop us a message below to connect!

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